Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not really brass? A future of sun powered Fresnel lense casting?

Official Google Blog: Will it lens?

As cool as this is I challenge the statement that the this middle penny is brass. To heat enough to get that alloy you would first need to melt the zinc and then the penny would be much more deformed. Heated pennies go thorough a lot of color changing phases. The middle penny is the suspect one.

Friends if you are reading this please buy me one of these giant ones. I would love to try to do zinc casting powered by the sun.
I will make you a nice ring or belt buckle or something.

diy fish belt buckleCasting a zinc belt buckle


  1. Isn't destruction of US currency a federal offense?

  2. That's why I buy my zinc online at:

  3. Though I doubt the feds care about the 10c worth of pennies these guys fried. I bet they would get after you if you started melting down a lot and selling the metal.

  4. Destruction of money is only illegal if you do it with the intention to defraud. Melting a penny is no less legal than those machines at the zoo that flatten your penny and stamp an image of a penguin on it as a souvenir.


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