Wednesday, July 8, 2009

how to make a great mojito

Basic premise: no one orders a mojito for the soda water.

However will need to buy soda water or make your own soda water.

Step one: Grow mint. This is a very important step. Mint at the grocery store is expensive and you will not put enough in if you are paying $3 a drink for the mint alone. Shown on the right are Curly Mint, Spear Mint, Irish Mint and Banana Mint.

Step two: pour two shots of white rum over a big hand full of mint leaves. Smash it up a bit with a fork.

Step Three: stir a large tablespoon of white sugar into the rum and mint mix.

Step four: Juice two small limes and cut a third into 8ths. Add the juice to the rum and pour the rum and juice over ice. Add 4 of the lime 8ths to the drink.

Step five: titrate with club soda to taste.

Curly mint and ireland mint.
curly mint
ireland mint

Banana mint and spearmint
banana mint


  1. I suggest step-by-step photo instructions. Also i have suggestions for improvement of steps.

  2. Thanks a ton it is a great help, now to make a great mojito is without a doubt simple with your tips. Thank you


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