Saturday, September 20, 2008

DIY: Screen printing a hat the cheapest way.

You will need:
Screen printing ink (i used superball that cost about $5 at a local shop but you can probs get it online), a paint brush, a nylon, krazy glue, push pins, a hat (preferably a free hat you don't like.... yet) and some sort of frame. Of course all this can be done on a t-shirt as well.

Also props to craftgrrl for the concept of using nylons.

Start with a hat that needs re-purposing like this cooperate gecko hat:
I don't show this but I blacked out the gecko with black screen printing ink.

Draw your image on a 3x5" note card.

Stretch the Nylon around a frame and tape it down:

Trace the image onto the nylon with a black pen:

Take the card away and cover the lines with Krazy Glue:

Once the glue has dried test the screen on a piece of paper:

If you are satisfied with the image cut out the section of the screen:

Pin the screen to the hat and paint it:

Remove the screen and touch up the design:

Wash the screen let it dry and repeat.

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