Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheap DIY Screen Print your own Minnesota in the style of Metallica shirt

Saw this shirt at a D4 show and could not find it anywhere on the net so I thought I would make my own.
For a more detailed DIY screen printing method check out this post: DIY Hat Screen Printing

you will need:
Blank t-shirt.
Screen printing ink.
Cardboard from paper pad.
Paint brush
corrugated cardboard.
Masking tape.

Print out the image at the bottom of this post.
Pin it to the cardboard and cut out the letters with an razor.
Stretch the t-shirt over the corrugated cardboard and center the stencil over the middle and pin it all together.
Cut Masking tape out to fill the "O" and "A".
Brush the paint onto the stencil.
Let the paint dry.
Disassemble and Iron the paint as instructed on the paint container.

minnesota metallica style shirt DIY screen print

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