Monday, May 25, 2009

Mint and Basil: two new hydroponic wine bottles

This idea I straight up stole from aarn's wine bottle hydroponics.

wine bottle hydroponic mintMint in a No8 Zinfandel bottle.
wine bottle hydroponic basil

Basil in a set of two different bottles.
not too much to say about these that are not in the two posts below.
Post about wine bottle hydroponics
Cutting a wine bottle with string and acetone

Cutting a wine bottle with acetoneHow to cut wine bottles with string and acetone video
How To Cut Wine Bottles with a Dremel tool

Update 7/12/09
The basil plant was doing well but fell in the wind. Here is the photo of the new bottle it is in as well as a new spearmint bottle.


  1. Hi there! What medium did you use in lieu of soil?

    And how did you manage to cut the glass without breaking it? Cool.

  2. Check out the links in the post for how to cut the bottle. Dremel and Acetone are the two methods I use. There is just a little soil holding the root to the bottle the rest is just water with a little plant food.

  3. would love to feature these in Rosebud Magazine (

    please e-mail me:


  4. Just found this in Rosebud Magazine. Great idea!


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