Thursday, January 14, 2010

Etched chalk writing beer bottle label for homebrew.

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beer bottle etched label1) Start by blocking of a rectangular space with electrical tape

reusable etched beer bottle chalk label armor etch
2) paint on a coat of armor etch over the blocked off area
Armour Etch - 3 oz, Armour Etch Cream

armour etch reusable bottle label chalk3) in 5 min remove the tape and wash off the armor etch.

pale ale with rye reusable bottle label

4) Label the bottle with chalk.

The lovely beer shown here is my AG 90%pale two row with 10%rye and a healthy dose of cascade. Name for this recipe will likely be pregnant bender pale with rye


  1. Excellent idea! How well does the chalk stay/wipe off?

  2. you really need to use a little water to get it off otherwise it leaves a nice smudge. since it is chalk it stays on until it gets smeared or wet which of course happens all the time. you can also draw well on the etched surface with a pencil but it is not a great color to show up on beer. that also can be wiped off.


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