Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Flag Jello Recipe

This in the new standard for fourth of july jello.

The tricks to this sweet and patriotic (For Americans) dessert are layers, throwing out perfectly good food (USA!), Patience (BOO!), and top secret white jello (recipe below). The rest is obvious.

This way is the tricky way. But it is the only way to let everyone have their own flag (socialism). If this looks too tough (or too equitable) there is a more simple method that is also quite attractive here
If both of these methods look tough may I suggest making a Libyan flag (all green) or just eating the tasty jello right out of the packet. 

as a last resort American flag jello molds can be purchased on the web:


Needed is:
3oz packet red jello
3oz packet blue jello
plain gelatin
sweetend condensed milk

Advanced jello makers:
coconut or marshmallow

3oz pack of blue jello as directed in a 6cup rectangular Pyrex dish! Optional is to add some cut up marshmallows, coconut or other white thing for the stars.
Cut the blue jello in half and discard one side. Make a 3oz container of red jello and pour up to ~1/5 of the height of the blue. This will form much quicker then the full time listed on the packet because the container is already cool and the stripe is so thin.
How to make white jello: Mix one half cup of cool water with two packets of plain gelatin. wait 5 min. Add one half cup hot water and stir till uniform. Then add a small can of sweetened condensed milk and stir. This is how you make the white jello stripes. Add this to make another stripe and refrigerate.
Alternate between the red and white (duh). If you leave the red out at room temp it will stay liquid until needed (so nice of it). The white will congeal to a tasty but sticky mess. You gonna microwave and stir the white before you pour each time, but not too hot as you don't want to melt the existing stuff.

Keep going! When done it can be flipped on to a cutting board. Might need to run some warm water or run a knife around to get it out in one piece (desired outcome).
slice and serve.

NEXT.... American flag cake recipe.
Also can you believe that there is a webpage called my jello americans? amazing name.


  1. Mmmm Jello! My mom has a 4th of july jello that has cream cheese frosting, but is otherwise similar to this. Dammit now I want jello.

  2. Protein and Patriotism!
    Perfect for Children and Country!
    Doctor Recommended! :-)


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