Thursday, July 24, 2008

DIY: Dr Zoidberg Halloween Costume.

Whats that? you want to build a fabulous Crabulous Futurama Halloween costume?

knit dr. john zoidberg halloween costume futureama


Well here is what you will need:
Knit pink Stocking cap, Gloves, and scarf. (I picked these up in a single pack at Walgreen's for like $10) You might score these pretty cheap on Amazon. The trick is to find all three in a very similar color. The hat must be the long kind that you can pull down over your entire head.
White lab coat. Blue scrubs. Sandals. White Paper. Sewing kit. Black Sharpie. Scissors. Glue.

Lets start with the head
Make sure that the hat is big enough to pull down below your chin.
With the hat on your head draw marks that line up with your eyes and mouth with the sharpie.
Now cut small ~1/2" holes at the eye marks and a larger 2" hole for your mouth.
Optional you may want to stitch up the frayed ends around the holes so that you are not eating hat fuzz all the time. This should also increase the life span of the head.

Now take some extra tassle from the scarf and thread it around the bottom of the hat so that you can tighten it around your neck as shown in the video:

Cut 2" circles of paper and fill draw dark circles in the middle.
Cut the middle of the circles out leaving a thin rim of black to simulate cartoon eyes.
Glue the eyes to the head carefully lining up the holes.
Cut the four fingers off of one of the gloves leaving the thumb intact.
Stuff the fingers with shredded newspaper.
Sew closed.
Sew on where your nose is when wearing the hat. This will hide your nose bulge and cover your mouth hole.
Cut two pieces of the scarf in the rounded shape of the big half of the claw.
Sew these together on all sides but the side that you will need to slip your fingers in.
Sew it to the fingerless glove converting it to a mitten.
Repeat but simply slide the claw over the fingers of the intact glove. (I left this as a convertible glove/mitten in order to have some ability to manipulate objects.)

Getting suited up
Use the remainder of the scarf to cover your neck first and then put on the remaining articles. Here is the final product (shown with one claw in glove form).

zoidberg halloween costume

Now lookup your favorite Zoidberg quotes. If you have any questions comment below and I will reply asap.

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  1. Fantastic!!

    Woop woop woop woop woop woop!

  2. I have reached then end of the internet and this is the last page. Thank you mike it's been a great ride.

  3. This costume is not quite legitimate enough. Get a real lab coat and some better claws and maybe you'll be set.

  4. well Anonymous build your own costume... with blackjack and hookers.... in fact forget the costume.

  5. i enjoy this so very much.

  6. Another less important MikeMay 24, 2011 at 9:57 PM

    "well Anonymous build your own costume... with blackjack and hookers.... in fact forget the costume."

    perfect response, screw anonymous. BTW I fuckin love your costumes and sculptures, you sir are a cadillac of men


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