Sunday, October 11, 2009

The best medical student halloween costumes. Also great for premed and nursing students. (funny, sexy and serious options)

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1. painted on dermatome costume. get some body paint and do it. Saw this once and it was an amazing costume. This should be the most popular Halloween costume
I wish badly that I had a photo of this costume but i don't I saw it at a party once and it was great. This is also a good time to work on your dermatome mnemonics. t4 teet pore. belly buTTEN. L1 inguinal ligament. good medical school and USMLE mnemonics here. Dermatome Mnemomnics here
2. medically accurate skeleton costume.  How to make a medically accurate skeleton costume.
most popular top halloween costume
or you can just buy parts for it.

3. homunculus costume. This one would be tricky but great. Maybe use those giant foam hands.

4. Sexy nurse. classic.

 These might make for great mens costumes too.

5. Some part of the anatomy. Uterus with fallopian tubes for arms and balloon ovaries is particularly good. Here is a random one i found on the web. Another is the penis costume.

6. TV doctor. bones, dr. who, dr. crusher, JD, house, dr phil, jack from lost.......

And lets not forget: zoidberg halloween costume

If you make a great costume email me the photos and I will post them on this post.

7. Bacteria Costume Gram negative rod? gram positive rod? or go crazy and go as diplococci. Built by the amazing Tara for pitt med's scope and scalpel play.

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Last second medical school costume ideas:
Write "are you my daddy" or "are you my mommy" on a t shirt. When people ask what you are say you are a surgeons kid.

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