Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Homemade LCD protector for my digital camera

After breaking my LCD screen by leaving my keys in my pocket with my two month old camera I have decided to build a protective cover for the LCD. The following instructions will show you how to build an LCD cover for just about any digital camera.

An old CD or cassette case with very few scratches.
Adhesive Velcro. I got this at a local hardware store.
Fine sandpaper.

I started by placing the CD case on top of my camera and traced the shape of the LCD screen with a little extra space on both the left and right sides.

I than scored these lines all the way to the edges of the CD case with a razor blade. Once scored the lines can be cracked by gently bending the plastic.

To finish the plastic I beveled the edges with fine sandpaper.

Next i cut two thin strips of adhesive velcro the height of the LCD screen. I afixed the soft sides of the velcro to the camera and the course side to the plastic.

I than velcroed the new screen cover to the camera. I have been using this in lew of a case since I made it.

This side view shows the slight clearence between the protector and the LCD which allows pressure to bend the protector without affecting the LCD.

In case you are not as cheap as I am: