Thursday, July 24, 2008

DIY: Dr Zoidberg Halloween Costume.

Whats that? you want to build a fabulous Crabulous Futurama Halloween costume?

knit dr. john zoidberg halloween costume futureama


Well here is what you will need:
Knit pink Stocking cap, Gloves, and scarf. (I picked these up in a single pack at Walgreen's for like $10) You might score these pretty cheap on Amazon. The trick is to find all three in a very similar color. The hat must be the long kind that you can pull down over your entire head.
White lab coat. Blue scrubs. Sandals. White Paper. Sewing kit. Black Sharpie. Scissors. Glue.

Lets start with the head
Make sure that the hat is big enough to pull down below your chin.
With the hat on your head draw marks that line up with your eyes and mouth with the sharpie.
Now cut small ~1/2" holes at the eye marks and a larger 2" hole for your mouth.
Optional you may want to stitch up the frayed ends around the holes so that you are not eating hat fuzz all the time. This should also increase the life span of the head.

Now take some extra tassle from the scarf and thread it around the bottom of the hat so that you can tighten it around your neck as shown in the video:

Cut 2" circles of paper and fill draw dark circles in the middle.
Cut the middle of the circles out leaving a thin rim of black to simulate cartoon eyes.
Glue the eyes to the head carefully lining up the holes.
Cut the four fingers off of one of the gloves leaving the thumb intact.
Stuff the fingers with shredded newspaper.
Sew closed.
Sew on where your nose is when wearing the hat. This will hide your nose bulge and cover your mouth hole.
Cut two pieces of the scarf in the rounded shape of the big half of the claw.
Sew these together on all sides but the side that you will need to slip your fingers in.
Sew it to the fingerless glove converting it to a mitten.
Repeat but simply slide the claw over the fingers of the intact glove. (I left this as a convertible glove/mitten in order to have some ability to manipulate objects.)

Getting suited up
Use the remainder of the scarf to cover your neck first and then put on the remaining articles. Here is the final product (shown with one claw in glove form).

zoidberg halloween costume

Now lookup your favorite Zoidberg quotes. If you have any questions comment below and I will reply asap.

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Monday, July 14, 2008


What is Picobrewing?
Picobrewing is making a very small volume of beer at home. Since US microbreweries make up to 465,000 gallons of beer a year and this technique makes about a half a gallon this is almost exactly 1 millionth the size of a microbrew placing it firmly in pico scale.

Sorry this post is a little hard to understand. Updates will be coming soon with a better explanation. Until then post questions if you have them.

This very small batch of all grain brewing is a practice in anticipation of trying to grow and brew a beer entirely from home.


Wrap packaging tape around 3/8" vinyl tubing.

Drill small holes in the end of tube.

Drill a 3/8" hole in the cooler and pull the tube with the tape through it.

Cut a four inch segment of the tubing drill holes in it and attach it to the T intersection.

Add 168 deg water to 1lb of barley.

Maintain a temp of 155 for 1 hour and then recirculated for 15min.

Add 1.5qt of 170deg Sparge water while draining the remaining fluid.

Boiled with 0.5oz Cascade hops for an hour. And then transferred to a 1.5qt cider bottle with a fermentation lock.

Chill the bottle and when cool pitch American ale yeast.

Lots of fun bubbles will start coming out of the fermentation lock.

Once this process is done (5-7days) it is time for secondary fermentation.

Start by cutting a bevel in your leftover tubing. This allows you to siphon out of the fermenter without picking up the gunk in the bottom.

Carefully sterilize all of your equipment (More tubing, another container the size of the fermenter) Now siphon the beer to the new container. Clean and sterilize the fermenter. Now siphon the beer back into the fermenter.

I leave it in secondary for a few weeks before bottling. This works great for bottling in one 1L Grolsch bottle.

if this does not make sense:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Giant TB sign

Baum Taco bell.

Help me out with some ideas of what to do with one of these.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Instructions for building a ladder golf set (DIY ladder golf)

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This post will show you how to build the standard 3'x2' ladder golf set. (AKA: bolo toss, testicle toss, polish(or any other ethnicity) golf, hillbilly golf, ladder ball, Lasso golf, Norwegian Horseshoes, Hillbilly Horseshoes, tailgate golf, cowboy golf.....) I would love to see the complete list of names that ladder golf goes by. Please vote on the right side for your favorite or if it is not there add it by commenting on the post.

Ladder Golf goal setup instructions
PART ONE: golf ball bolas
12 golf balls 6 each of two different colors, 108" of nylon cord,

Drill w/ 1/4" bit.

Drill a hole through each ball. Make sure to use older golf balls as some newer ones will shoot out liquid and be no good. Though it will be fun.

Cut the string to 6 18" lengths.

Tie a knot on the end of one cord. Thread a ball.

Tie another knot tight on that ball.

Thread another ball.
Tie a knot on the other far end.

Pull the ball to that end and tie another knot holding it tight.

Burn each end as shown.


Repeat until you have 6 cords with balls on either end. Scroll down for instructions on how to build the goals.

PART TWO: pvc pipe ladder golf goals

4x 10' 3/4" PVC pipe
12x T intersections joiners for the 3/4" pipe
4x right angle joiners for the 3/4" pipe

PVC glue

Cut the pipe into 16x1' sections 6x2' sections and 4x1.5" sections.
Assemble the structure as it is show in this blueprint of the official ladder golf dimensions. Have you read different specifications somewhere? they are wrong. These are the official specs.

ladder golf blueprint for how to build a ladder golf set image of dimensions

Ladder Golf Setup

the 2' bars are horizontal and the 1' bars are vertical. The portion that is on the ground has a 1' bar in front and the 1.5' bar in the back. Glue all of this together except do not attach the T that is on the bottom to the upper portion. This allows the structure to be disassembled for storage or moving.

Now Beat this shot:

Lazy? Where can I buy a ladder golf set?:

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