Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Pigeons

coverage of the topic in the straight dope.

Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons fledgling

baby pigeons almost fledgling:

The first one disappeared this morning. It looks like it takes about a month and a half to go from egg to nearly full sized flying adult.

The second fed early on in the day:

Now they are both flying.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mint and Basil: two new hydroponic wine bottles

This idea I straight up stole from aarn's wine bottle hydroponics.

wine bottle hydroponic mintMint in a No8 Zinfandel bottle.
wine bottle hydroponic basil

Basil in a set of two different bottles.
not too much to say about these that are not in the two posts below.
Post about wine bottle hydroponics
Cutting a wine bottle with string and acetone

Cutting a wine bottle with acetoneHow to cut wine bottles with string and acetone video
How To Cut Wine Bottles with a Dremel tool

Update 7/12/09
The basil plant was doing well but fell in the wind. Here is the photo of the new bottle it is in as well as a new spearmint bottle.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old cigarettes coupons (60s,70s) I found in the basement.

I was trying to google these and find images and histories with out much luck (except the Raleigh). So I though that someone might appreciate some images on the web. Here are the front and back of some old cigarette coupons from L&B larus brother company inc. (Yukon Coupon), Philip Morris (Sweet Gift Dividend), Raleigh, chesterfield(luxury merchandise coupon), old gold/York/Spring (Gift Stars), Colony Cigarettes.

I have some ebay search alerts for these to see if they are selling for anything. All that is up right now is the Old Gold Gift star for 6.50 but it has not sold so I doubt it is worth that much.

Comment with anything you know about these please.

L&B larus brother company inc. (Yukon Coupon), Philip Morris (Sweet Gift Dividend), Raleigh, and Colony Cigarettes. front


L&B larus brother company inc. (Yukon Coupon), Philip Morris (Sweet Gift Dividend), Raleigh, and Colony Cigarettes. back

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spliting the jade plant.

We took chance and broke our jade plant in half because it was getting too tall and not branching. Here is the progression of the new branches.

Check out my hydroponic basil in a bottle

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can wheat grass seed be grown in to wheat? Yes! Wheat beer here we come.

This is wheat grass seed from the east end coop. I wanted to test if these kinds of seed work for growing seeds. Next up is a big order of Barley grass seeds for the beer. Any tips on how and when to harvest this stuff would be appreciated. the plan.

On a related note the cascade hops from northern brewer are coming up nicely on my bamboo trellis. more about my bamboo trellis for hops on this post.

Click the label below to see all of my posts about project of towards growing my own beer. Comment with questions or suggestions.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Minnesota twins fan photo contest. Biggest baseball batting helmet ever.

The very best entry is this one hands down. Super Gigantic twins batting helmet

So click over and vote for it.