Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY Orangina recipe for Sodastream or soda water

orangina diy soadastream
Orangina is simply made of a mix of concentrated citrus juicee, high fructose corn syrup(HFCS) and soda water. I have not been using HFCS in any of my homemade sodas, Though I may eventually. In any case this recipe uses white sugar.

 When I was a kid i would try to make this by simply adding orange juice to soda water but this does not get you enough orange/sugar per volume as all the water in the orange juice is not carbonated. The trick to this recipe is you are taking the water out of the orange juice and making a concentrated syrup to add to soda water... Lets go.

 Here is what you need:
-white sugar
-a variety of citrus fruits, in this case two types of oranges, 1/2 grape fruit and a lemon
-a way to juice know like a juicer please don't buy a fancy one. You don't even really need an electric one unless you are gonna do a lot of oranges.
-soda water or Sodastream, or direct SodaStream

1) Juice them fruits. Leave in some pulp.
 2) Pour the juice along with 3/4c white sugar into a nonstick pan and heat on low. Watch out it will foam up. you will need to keep an eye on it. Over time it will thicken up.
3) Heat till its thick. Once it is nice and thick. about the thickness of ____ . Take it off the stove and transfer to the freezer. It should not freeze! if it does you did not get enough water out and need to heat it again.
4) now add 2 TBSP to the bottom of a small glass and pour soda water on top.
5) drink up.

When I mix soda water with my syrup it bubbles over WTF?
-Avoid this by making sure both the water and syrup are cold and always add the syrup first and soda second. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

octopus wall paper print

Print of octopus wall paper. Duo aqua oils linoleum block print.