Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shrag- Devastating Bones

Shrag-Devastating Bones cover art by michael cosimini
Hooray! My painting was included on Shrag's new 45 single Devastating Bones. From the amazing album Canines. I would describe it as in the vein of pop punk, maybe think underground railroad to candyland? I am not the best at describing music. Or better yet check out their video for one of my favorites. Rabbit Kids.

Other paintings of bones.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Block Printed Christmas Wrapping Paper.

As the trend towards artisanal wrapping paper continues Mike Is Bored presents: Printing your own wrapping paper.
printing your own wrapping paper
Block print DIY Wrapping paper- Thanks for the photo Rubidium Wu
Needed is:
Linoleum Cutter
Linoleum Blocks
Soft Rubber Brayer (AKA that roller thingy)
Graph Paper.
Paint of some sort.
Other paper to print on (TBD)
how to make wrapping paper or wall paper
Well I guess we can start out with how to make any wallpaper pattern in case trees are not your thing.

1) The stately square without which wallpaper is but the fevered dream of a madman. 6x6 in this case. Easy to see how we can line them buggers up to make a consistent pattern. If you don't understand how to do that you can look at your trusty graph paper for an example. 
2) Now to modify the square. Any square in the graph paper can be slid to the opposite side and they will still lock up just fine. 
3) Ah. Looks like a tree already. 
4) draft of the final image is done on paper. 
5) GOOOLDEN RINGS!.... or a cut out of the pattern to trace on to the linoleum sheet.  
6) after tracing on the pattern on to the linoleum I cut it out with a box cutter. 

7) cut away all the parts of the linoleum that are not the tree using a Linoleum Cutter 

8) Roll on your ink and stamp away. 
9) I added decorations to the trees using nail polish. 
10) after making the original I had the photo printed as an engineering print at staples.

Please keep in mind that most people on your gift list might prefer squid or octopus wrapping paper.