Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fisher price snugabunny cradel swing DIY repair

snugabunny repair DIY
Ok so details and photos to follow but we were able to repair our Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing with an electric motor harvested from a air freshener (Air Wick Freshmatic). The snugabunny was still running (music, mobile) and it would swing but only very weakly. This was able to be fixed with the exchange of the electric motor.

On the basis of this Youtube Video:

We had an older hand me down model so the reason for this post is to
1) confirm that this procedure works with the older model:
2) show the process for this model
3) recognize that the symptom in this case was only weakness of the

1) There are 9 screws that need to be removed from the underside. In case you have already done this step without taking notes below are the relative sizes of the screws.

2) First remove the brown cross bar, there are two screws to remove.

3) Next remove the round component you see with the red and yellow wires running out of them. There are two screws on it.
snugabunny diy repair

4) remove three screws from the motor housing
snugabunny diy repair

5) Remove two screws from the axel and three from the arm

6) Pull out the motor and remove the worm gear.

9) Pull the electric motor from your Air Wick Freshmatic

8) Ok so I forgot to take a couple pictures here but you need to move two electric components from the original electric motor (silver) to the new motor (green). This is done with a soldering iron the details of which are beyond my scope here. I would suggest cutting of the full set of components and wires off the native motor and transferring them to the new motor. The foam component will also need to be moved to the equivalent position.

9) When re-assembling you work backwards on all of this. I recommend trying this as you re-assemble and if the motor is running slow it may have the polarity reversed. Below is what it should look like if running properly