Wednesday, November 28, 2012

cat that looks like hitler

This blog officially joins the internet today as I add a photo of a cat.
I know there is a whole webpage dedicated to the subject (that I heard about on a TED talk) but I was so excited to see this guy and had to share here.

Things to draw when you are bored

From the class room (the best drawing ideas have been invented when drawing while bored in class) to an airplane here are the things that I (and my brother) like to draw when bored.

 1. From chuck does art, and making as much sense as any other, can I recommend drawing a running banana with a broken arm.
2. Draw patterns that make good wallpaper. Tutorial to come.

3. Draw in 3D. Tutorial to come.

4. take an 8x10" piece of graph paper and fill every single box with a different pattern. Photo to come when I find my 5th grade notebook.

 -this post in progress send me your suggestions!-

 If you are bored enough to be reading this you should check out all my things to do when you are bored RIGHT NOW.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Experimenting again with backgrounds. This one from Mondrian: Flowers. ... And will not be using this. It makes the blog look like someones myspace page.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Modify a sodastream to make use 20oz bottles and to carbonate milk

WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS. IT DID NOT WORK AND WAS SOMEWHAT DANGEROUS. IT ALSO VOIDS WARRANTEES, MAKES BABIES CRYS AND OTHER BAD THINGS. For actual useful posts about sodastream please check out my sodastream recipes. I know we all want to carbonate whiskey, milk, coffee, wine, fruit juice and all other sorts of crazy things with the sodastream. I am also interested in carbonating smaller volumes like 2, 12, 16 and 20oz bottles. However we are sternly warned not to do this. This post documents my(so far failed) attempt to find a work around.
1)I cut 5/16" Outer Diameter (OD) vinyl tubing to about two feet in length
2)I drilled a 1/4" hole in the top of a small soda bottle
3)I pushed the tubing through the slightly smaller hole to get a tight seal.
4)I slid the tube around the soda stream
5)after filling the bottle with water and screwing on the cap I pumped two times causing the tube to detach from the sodastream the bottle to tip over and somehow dump about 1/2 of its contents without having its cap come off.
6) photo to come