Monday, June 29, 2009

Northern Brewer coupon codes and sales CURRENT 03/22/10

Make Your Own Beer - Shop equipment and ingredients and view helpful videos and tutorials at Northern Brewer - Click Here! 10% wheat beer
10% portuguese floor cooker
10% northern brewer malt syrup
10% Meritage and bordeaux style reds
10% Session Series ltd edition beer kits 3/15/10
10% world vineyard wine kits. 3/15/10
10% Guinness couplers and stout faucets. 10% dessert wine kits. through march 8.
10% Five Star products 3/1/10
10% Belgian ale kits 10% Portuguese floor cooker 2/22/10
10% stout kits and pino noir kits no code expires 1/18/10
25% Vinoka cider kits. no code needed expiresd 1/4/10
10% books and soda extract code:chirstmas. expired
10% discount glass carboys. coupon code: carboyrobot expires 12/21/09
10% wine ingredient kits. code:squeeze expires 12/9/09
10% off merlot kits code:merlin expires 12/14/09
10% select estate kits and deluxe all grain systems. 20% 50 and 55lb grain. discount code:savingsexpired 12/07/09
10% Beer and wine starter kits: discountme, expired 11/30/09

My favorite brew supply store from my home town. I think it was started by a couple of Macalester Grads. I recommend the Pale Ale kit. This is where I got the Rhizomes that all my hops postings are about.

Check out my other posts about growing hops and barley for beer. .... Well just growing wheat and hops but barley soon to follow.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

venus of willendorf carved out of a crayon

All of my crayon sculptures
venus of willendorf carved out of a crayon sculpture
Venus of Willendorf. Used a sharp pottery tool to make this little lady. I think she turned out a little skinny but not too bad.

For comparison:

diy block printing a t-shirt

You will need: A t-shirt, paper, linoleum, a cutting set for the linoleum (i used the ABIG), a roller or small paint brush, and screen printing ink. I picked up the block printing stuff at a local art store for like $20 total. The paint usually goes for around $8. Plus you already have a t-shirt.

Start by carving your block with the design you want. I sketch the design in pencil first and then carve out the parts that i did not draw on. You are making a negative when you carve so whatever you carve out will not print.

block printed DIY tshirtTest the design on piece of paper first.

Paint a thin layer of screen printing ink on the block. Stretch the shirt over a piece of cardboard and then press the block down.

Once the ink is dry iron for 3-5 min on each side.

block printed DIY tshirt with cows

Unrelated block print of cows.
and another

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Growing my own wheat for beer (or maybe ravioli)

I started by sprouting the seeds in a cookie tray covered in damp newspaper and wrapped in a garbage bag for about seven days.

here is the wheat starting to come up as wheat grass.

I started the wheat in pots indoors but then moved it outside. here it is forming seeds.

Over time the wheat gets dry.

Here it is post harvest. This is about half the total.

I think I will thresh in a couple week so for now the wheat is decorative. The 1/2lb package likely made about as much seed as I started with so no big gain there. I will update when I thresh and cook or brew with it.

This is the kind of wheat I used and a couple barley grass links for those of you who want to give it a try.

Friday, June 26, 2009

found thing

Found this VMI IMV MVI MIV IMV IVM or whatever thing in lawerenceville. any guess as what it is?
Mystery solved. Virginia military institute.

wine bottle hydroponic hops.

Update 7.7.9 this thing died so I would not recommend this plan. I think I did not get enough of the smaller roots. I think I might try again at the end of the season.

hydroponic hops indoor wine bottle
I cut a piece of root with some shoots that were attacking other plants off one of my cascades and put them in a wine bottle as a hydroponic set up. I cut above the rhizome so I would not damage the rest of the plant. I have no idea if this will work or not but I figure it is worth a try. I have one shoot going out the window so at least part of it should get good sunlight.

Click the follow link below on the right if you want to follow how this project works out.

I am looking for ideas for good plants I can grow hydroponically with only light from the window. any tips? comment please.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


custom cast tapsticles
These tapsticles were cast out of zinc pretty much the same way these belt buckles were so I wont belabor the details. The new twist was I embedded these eye hooks in the clay and plaster so that I had an easy way to hang them.
custom cast tapsticles

They were originally made as a practical joke to hang on my friends keggerator. Which is show here painted with black board paint. His blog is here. hopefully he will be posting all his projects soon.
custom cast tapsticles

Anyways the tapsitcles look great all over the house!

custom cast tapsticles
custom cast tapsticles
custom cast tapsticles

Why is the left testicle lower?
Fun fact! In 90% of the population the left testicle is lower because the venous return goes through the left renal vein creating higher venous pressures in the left side. This fact does not make these tap testicles wrong it just makes them that much more special.custom cast tapsticles

Lost Hot Glue Casting of a Tree

This happended a while ago and I have since learned that the molten zinc is not hot enough to burn out the hot glue but I just ran into these old photos that I liked. I think the hot glue make these great shapes that are fairly organic. This hot glue tree was coated in plaster before the attempt. I think that maybe if I did a pre burn out in a oven this might eventually work as the glue melts at 400 degres but just does not vaporize like the foam does.

Long before there was pen that can draw in the air

Friday, June 5, 2009

Removing text from free travel mug (we all hate comcast)

We all get free stuff that is ruined by the names of brands we hate. Here is the process for removing the ad:

comcast mug before having paint removed

Apply a thin layer of Goo Gone. There may be other products that work for this but this is the one I had. Acetone did not work.
Scrape with the back of a butter knife.

After spending a few days in a row getting home to my angry neighbor waiting for the late and overpriced comcast man I decided I needed to do this. Now if only we could get their ads of TV and no longer have a cable internet monopoly.