Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letterpres Box, Knick Knack, Cabinet of Curiosities

hanging Letterpres Box, Knick Knack, Cabinet of Curiosities

I just attached some picture wire to an old letterpress box. How to hang such a heavy thing on a brick wall.  
Credit where due for the idea to littleprojectiles

Thanksgiving leftover turkey tamale recipe.

Modified from:

Left over turkey, giblets and bones for making turkey broth.
Salt, paprika, cumin, hot sauce.
2lbs Masa
canola oil
Corn shucks (start soaking in warm water when you make to dough)
Big double boiler pot

1) Boil the giblets and carcass in a big pot of water to make a large amount of turkey broth at least 2 quarts.
 2) Mix 2lbs of Masa (one half bag) with cumin, salt and paprika.
 3) Add 2 cups canola oil to the flour.
4) Slowly add ~2 qt. warm turkey broth to the dough mixing until it forms an nice thick paste. almost as thick as peanut butter.

1) Shred leftover turkey, dark meat preferred
2) Add canola oil to leftover turkey until thinly coated.
3) cumin, salt, hot sauce, paprika to taste.

1) soak the husks in warm water
2) apply the dough and turkey and roll as shown below
3) put in your double boiler and bring to a boil
4) reduce to medium and let cook for 2 hours
5) take out of boiler and let sit for 10min prior to enjoying
6) apply cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy or whatever if available