Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zoidberg Jesus "I help those who help themselves"

A draft of my next painting done in photoshop. I would like to change the quote to latin. Is "Adiuvo Facientes" accurate?
zoidberg jesus i help those who help themselves
My painting in progress
ecce zoidberg

If you don't get the reference you could watch this but I doubt it would help:

Friday, July 6, 2012

squid painting

in progress...... oil and acrylic on canvas 4x24".

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to fix a Canon camera with lens error. SD780 Disassembly instructions

This post is still in progress My Canon sd780 took a nose dive and was giving this error:  "lens error, restart camera"

So what to do? There are many instructions online for fixing this problem in a non invasive method. Tricks like pounding on the side and prying the lens might work for you but they did not for me. Below are instructions to disassemble the camera and replace the lens component. 

First of all.... I would do this series of steps without breaking anything else. If you can pull that off then buy the part. Otherwise you could consider just selling the LCD. 

1. Remove the battery and sd card.  

2. Take off the case. Unscrew the five screws holding the case together and gently pull off the front of the camera.

3. Disconnect the back casing by unpluging the attachment in the left upper corner of the photo.

4. Unclip the flash piece that connects to the back of the LCD.  

The lens component is now free with the exception of its two wired connections to the main portion of the camera and the back screws.

5. remove the LCD by detaching the connections to the main body and the small connection to the larger cable

6. Remove the four screws.

7. Detach the two connections that attach the lens. 

To find the second connection you will need to gently pull back the ribbon attaching the lcd screen to the main part of the camera.

You can now pull out the lens.

6.  Compare the new part to the removed lens. you can see there is one more component that needs to be moved.

It should easily snap off after sliding out the LED and can be transfered to the new lens.

7. Once it has been switched over you can reattach the two connections

8. Snap the flash back into place and then put the casing back on. 
Make sure the auto, photo, video toggle is in the same position as the case before reattaching the back of the casing.