Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

DIY: Fix IKEA bed slates falling (Aneboda, Malm, sultan)

Ikea man guy is sad because the slats fall out
So having an Ikea bed that the slats fall out of makes you feel like this. But there is an easy fix. Get a big sheet of cardboard and and staple gun (or brads) and attach all of the stales together so that they cannot shift and fall out. comment if you have tried this or have another great way to fix this common problem

IKEA slats falling repair MALM Anaedoba

IKEA bed with slats stapled to cardboard prevents them from falling.

Just attach them all together and they cannot shift enough to fall through. Push them all they way out first.

I used the box they came in and a staple gun but you could probably use brads if you don't have a staple gun.

(update: 2/3/09 this is still working. they have not fallen through once since I did this.)