Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peace love and little donuts (feed your inner homophobe)

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If you have not heard yet you may not wish to go to this place:

From his blog cache:
This crowd will not rest until Homosexuality is mainstream; until the Second Amendment is done away with; until abortion on demand is as common and accepted as going to the dentist; until sexual images and strip clubs line our streets and suburbs; until government education is started in the womb; until disagreement with their political party is "hate speech" and becomes a crime; until they pass the Fairness Doctrine and rid the county of Conservative talk radio; until they transfer our sovriegnty to the UN, etc. etc. etc.

All this from the owner of a store that claims to "feed you inner hippie." I think I would care less if it was less ironic.

Peace love and little donuts

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

new header and background

Please vote on the poll on the right. Is this too much? Does it look like some idiots over full myspace page. Is it alright? Comment with suggestions for improvement.

add share to facebook button to all new posts on blogspot page.

Go to Settings>Format and paste this code into the "post template" box.
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Once you publish the post. copy the URL of the post. edit the post and paste the url of the post where the code says THEURLOFYOURPOST

You will also need to adjust the template of your blog as descibed in this post
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Barbara Remington lord of the rings poster, "wilderness" (how much is it worth)

I recently saw a copy of the 6' by 3' poster in a coffee shop.... amazing. made me feel the need to scan my copies of these books into the same scene.
I will likely never own a copy of that great poster
but maybe next time there is a good sale on large photo printing i will print this.
Barbara Remington lord of the rings poster Click the photo to make it big enough so it looks good. These are my ballantine books 1968 21st printing editions of these books first printed in 1965.

To get a sense of the magnitude here is the poster at morning glory coffee shop in pittsburgh. if you live in pgh I definitely recommend this coffee shop.

I have one, how can I frame it?
How to frame a huge poster for about $20. here is the result of my framing effort.

How much should a lord of the rings Barbara Remington poster sell for? good question. hard to know what it is worth when it is only intermittently for sale. I am going to try to track ones that come up for sale here to get a good idea.

This one went up to 112 + 10 shipping but did not meet reserve. Looked like it has some pretty beaten corners and the description said it had rips that had been taped. A second posting went up to 150 but still did not meet reserve.
Here is one that just went for $201 in pretty good condition

Another in worse condition went for $110. This
"The edges, especially the two short edges, are somewhat frayed (as can be seen in the photos). Both the left and right bottom corners have small pieces that have been torn away (again, see photos). The poster does have 3 tears within the picture itself. A photo of each has been added, with text indicating the location of the damage. Over the years, tears in this poster have been repaired by a variety of different kinds of tape. The most recent tears/nicks have been repaired with acid-free, scrap booking tape."

Sold for 139 + 7 shipping. click to see the full size image. as you can see there is some fairly significant edge wear but seems to be in pretty good shape otherwise. Special bonus for linking to me!
"Perfect holiday gift for the Lord of the Rings enthusiast. These posters are becoming very hard to get. I bought this one in the 70's and had it on my wall for a few years. It then went into a mailing tube and into storage. I recently found it again and offer it for sale. The edges are fairly severly damaged in multiple places. I have photographed the areas carefully so there will be no surprises. The entire interior of the poster is in very good condition. It has not faded at all and has never been folded. If carefully mounted or framed I think most the edge damage could be covered or camoflaged. If you are unsure of any of the damage please ask me questions. I am not set up to do returns.The poster is huge - almost 7 feet x 38 inches. See for more information on the poster and some ideas on how to frame it."

181+6 shipping. Reserve was not met.
The poster measures 37” x 72”. It does have some edge tears and small chunks of edge missing, holes from thumbtacks, and some double-stick foam pieces attached to the back side.  Nonetheless, it was never folded, always rolled, and the colors are still vibrant after 40 years. I’m sure a lot of these issues could be minimized or masked entirely by mounting it on a foam board and framing it to hide the ragged edges.

This one with water damage along entire bottom went for 102+ 12s.There is a small 1/2 inch tear at the right side.
There is a 2 inch water stain all across the bottom.  This is more apparent at the back of the
poster than in the front.  In the front it manifests chipping along the water line at the far left, and at a few other locations across the bottom (see photos).  In spite of this the poster displays beautifully!
There is a series of 3 sets of small holes spaced 6 inches apart at the top right of the poster.

 The best condition one i have seen sell yet went for 239 + 13 shipping. "There are thumb tack holes at the corners and each long side and a small tear (see photo) along one edge. I just found one other similar tear near one corner. There are six tiny pin holes in the blue sky area on the left side and four pinholes in the bright orange/pink sky area---these are very insignificant and do not detract. There is a small piece of masking tape on the back of the poster reinforcing the thumb tack holes (photo shows one of the corners)."

A puzzle of the Barbara Remington lord of the rings book covers went for $110, another for 35 +12 shipping

Another poster from a similar time period map of middle earth poster by Pauline Baynes

Another similar poster "come to middle earth" went for 56 + 15 shipping.

Friday, October 23, 2009

htc touch pro 2. how to lock.

After what feels like an hour of button mashing on the terribly unintuitive phone and 30+ unintended phone calls I can report that the way to lock this phone is click and hold the bottom right button until it vibrates. the one that looks like hanging up.

Anyway at least you can get this fairly high functional, though wildly unintuitive, phone free.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to cut wine bottles with a dremel tool

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1. MASK AND GOGGLES. Obviously there is danger of cutting yourself.
2. tape around a thin strip to cut.
3. place the bottle on a flat surface and rotate it while cutting through that strip. You will need a diamond glass cutting wheel for this. I did not find that lubrication was needed for this.

You do not need to cut all the way through. Once it is scored all the way around it will easily crack. As far as I can tell the diamond cutting discs for dremel or equivalent are the best wine bottle cutting tools.

As for how to smooth the glass edge there is some speculation about the best method in comment section. The best, though not cheapest method may be using a  Stained glass grinder.

Cutting wine bottles with acetone and string
Cut wine bottle hydroponics

If the diamond disc from above is still out of stock you could try these:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rotometals coupon code 10%

RotoMetals Weekend Sale
10% off most items available online
Now through October 18, 2009 only
You must enter coupon code 'boo' during checkout in order to receive this 10% discount

Learn how to cast your own belt buckle. or lost foam packaging peanut sculpture.

fish cast belt bucklelost foam packing peanuts bull

or buy from rotometals through amazon

Current codes, if any, are always listed on the right sidebar of this page! So check back often.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The best medical student halloween costumes. Also great for premed and nursing students. (funny, sexy and serious options)

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1. painted on dermatome costume. get some body paint and do it. Saw this once and it was an amazing costume. This should be the most popular Halloween costume
I wish badly that I had a photo of this costume but i don't I saw it at a party once and it was great. This is also a good time to work on your dermatome mnemonics. t4 teet pore. belly buTTEN. L1 inguinal ligament. good medical school and USMLE mnemonics here. Dermatome Mnemomnics here
2. medically accurate skeleton costume.  How to make a medically accurate skeleton costume.
most popular top halloween costume
or you can just buy parts for it.

3. homunculus costume. This one would be tricky but great. Maybe use those giant foam hands.

4. Sexy nurse. classic.

 These might make for great mens costumes too.

5. Some part of the anatomy. Uterus with fallopian tubes for arms and balloon ovaries is particularly good. Here is a random one i found on the web. Another is the penis costume.

6. TV doctor. bones, dr. who, dr. crusher, JD, house, dr phil, jack from lost.......

And lets not forget: zoidberg halloween costume

If you make a great costume email me the photos and I will post them on this post.

7. Bacteria Costume Gram negative rod? gram positive rod? or go crazy and go as diplococci. Built by the amazing Tara for pitt med's scope and scalpel play.

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Last second medical school costume ideas:
Write "are you my daddy" or "are you my mommy" on a t shirt. When people ask what you are say you are a surgeons kid.

IKEA upgrade shelf on stairs.

small upgrade. cut the legs about 6".

Thursday, October 8, 2009

how to add a share this post on facebook link to blogger posts

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1. Write your blog post
2. Publish
3. View blog
4. Click on the post.
5. Copy the URL of the post.
6. Insert the URL of your post into this code and put it at the bottom of your post.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="share to facebook button"></a>

7. Test it!
8. Share my post on facebook.

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