Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY frame for canvas painting from hardware store

Molding seen on edge. The thin
end will be the outside of the frame.

This project used:
-molding which can be purchased at a hardware store seen on end to the right.
-wood glue
-corner clamp
-cheap mitre box
-black stain
-gold acrylic paint.

1) Calculate the needed length of wood. To do this first measure the size of the object to be framed. In this case the painting was 24x4". Next measure the width of the molding being used. In this case it was ____. The sides of the frame will need to be the length of the object + 2 times the width of the molding. This length will be the outside length of your wood. The inner length will be the size of the object to be framed.
The frame being glued with
pony corner clamp 

2) Cut the frame with your mitre box. Make 110% sure you are cutting the correct way. It is easy to cut the angles in the reversedirectopn. Measure the inner length of the object and mark those cuts as that number is exact and the outer length is less accurate.

Painted Black
3) Glue it together with the corner clamps. Shown here with the Pony 9166 CORNER CLAMP . This has only OK reviews on amazon but I have had good luck with it at its price.

4) Hmm so pretty all glued together.

5) Paint it as desired. I used a black stain and then I painted highlights with gold acrylic paint from the art shop.
With trim added

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