Saturday, September 24, 2016

Which Reflex Hammer Should I Buy? Comparison Review (MDF, Pedia Pals, Queens square, Tromner)

which reflex hammer should i buy for medical school
Which reflex hammer should I buy for medical school? I found this a bit difficult to google and below are my opinions of a few I tried out over the last 2 months. A few more on the way as are images. Let me know what you think about these in the comment section and I can incorporate your feedback in a new section on each.
MDF Tromner
Comments: Well balanced. By far the easiest to use especially in infants and small children.
Reflexes:  4+, watch where you stand doing patellars with this one (or wear a cup).
Portability: Small but heavy.
Price: $20 on amazon
Overall Strength: 5/5

MDF Queen Square
Comments: Well balanced but inconveniently long. Phrasing. See the comments on amazon for a joke about the handle of this one a part of the anatomy of a dog.
Reflexes:  3+
Portability: Long
Price: $13 on amazon
Overall Strength: 4/5

Taylor Neuro Hammer
Comments: Also known and the regular one. Small easy to use. All you really need for MS3. Buy it in orange.
Reflexes:  3+
Portability: Small light and easy to carry.
Price: $8 on amazon
Overall Strength: 4/5

MDF Babinski Telescoping
Comments: This the hammer that made me make this guide as it was disappointment at the price. It telescopes and the head rotates 90 degrees for portability. Easy to fit into a back pocket or white coat. My particular copy was a bit sticky on telescoping, shaky at the head and the brush came with pre damaged fibers. Reverse end perfect for shanking in line at the cafeteria or improving medical student presentations.
Reflexes:  2+, the balance is a bit tricky with the inflexible
Portability: Small but heavy. Telescopes and folds to fit easily in pocket.
Price: $34 on amazon
Overall Strength: 3/5

Pedia Pals Dino
Comments: Cute and a fun toy for the child (or bewildered adult) to hold while you do the rest of your exam. Not very effective for the primary task.
Reflexes: 1+, hard to use as most weight is evenly distributed throughout. Will leave you wondering "Is this Guillain-Barre?"
Portability: Small and light.
Price: $15 on amazon.
Overall Strength: 2/5

3M Littman Cardiology III
Comments: The most expensive but by far the best for auscultation. Not for use when the neurologist is looking, on reflexes other than patellar.
Reflexes: 1+
Portability: wears well over shoulders or for the more fashion conscious in a holster.
Price: $165 on amazon.
Overall Strength: 2/5

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