Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wine Bottle Hydroponic Zucchini

making hydroponics out of a wine bottlemaking hydroponics out of a wine bottle

This idea I straight up stole from aarn's wine bottle hydroponics.

I will re-post if there is any noticeable difference between the hydroponic zucchini and its brothers who are in good old fashion dirt.

How I cut the bottle is in this post: Cutting a wine bottle with a string and acetone.

It is a lot trickier to cut a wine bottle with string then a beer bottle and I did not get a very clean cut. Nothing that could not be fixed with some pliers and sandpaper.

Sadly the zucchini got too big and committed suicide but cutting itself on the bottle edge. However the outdoor zucchini did great. Check out the recipes for this big guy. What to do with a giant zucchini.

Or check out the other plants that did much better. hydroponic mint and hydroponic basil from wine bottles.

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