Sunday, June 28, 2009

diy block printing a t-shirt

You will need: A t-shirt, paper, linoleum, a cutting set for the linoleum (i used the ABIG), a roller or small paint brush, and screen printing ink. I picked up the block printing stuff at a local art store for like $20 total. The paint usually goes for around $8. Plus you already have a t-shirt.

Start by carving your block with the design you want. I sketch the design in pencil first and then carve out the parts that i did not draw on. You are making a negative when you carve so whatever you carve out will not print.

block printed DIY tshirtTest the design on piece of paper first.

Paint a thin layer of screen printing ink on the block. Stretch the shirt over a piece of cardboard and then press the block down.

Once the ink is dry iron for 3-5 min on each side.

block printed DIY tshirt with cows

Unrelated block print of cows.
and another


  1. Do you sell the block print of cows? I love them!
    Cindy Lou

  2. I will be doing a run of the black and white one at some point. I have a few other prints I have been hoping to do but I have not had that much time. Thanks for the feedback!


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