Sunday, July 26, 2009

The effects of light on root growth in mint. a pseudoscientific effort.

I am starting with six. cuttings of spearmint all from the same plant. I cut them to the same number of leaves and removed the bottom two sets of leaves. I then put them in two jars full of tap water. I then covered one with a opaque plastic bag. Hopefully these two sets are similar enough that we can see a difference if there is one in the growth of roots with and without light. One concern I have is a difference in temp caused but the bag. oh well I can think of no real simple way to control for that.

This needs tested because I have been making wine bottle hydroponics for mint that are clear. wine bottle hydroponic mint
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Preliminary results DAY 3:
roots are sprouting in 5 of the six available spots on the roots in the light and 2 of the six spots on the roots in the dark. Surprising to me. was it heat? does light stimulate root growth. can anyone propose a better experiment to sort this out?

FINAL RESULTS day 14: no difference. the two are indistinguishable

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