Sunday, July 26, 2009

Preventing a MacBook charger from breaking

I have since figured out how to fix a broken macbook charger. Instructions here.

If there is anything that Apple does worse then making their products affordable it is building chargers that last.There were two points at which the old charger would break.

I went through two chargers on my old powerbook g4. Both places slowly lost the connection. I would bend them to make it and eventually they failed. I eventually bought an off brand one that was a little better and alot cheaper.

So I told myself that this time would be different. with my new MacBook I am using a piece of string wrapped tight around the cord. I am doing this under the assumption that the charger breaks because the cord is pulled to to tight an angle and this string will allow for a more gentle bend.

Any thoughts?

Now what I really want to know is how to fix macbook or powerbook chargers. I am sure there are some that could be fixed. See link in comment section


  1. Ha ha yes I have the same problem, I went through 5 cords on my powerbook and now on my new macbook with the magnetic release, it is breaking on the other end near the adapter. GRRR! I love mac, but I hate $75 replacment cords.

  2. You CAN repair these cords yourself. Whip out the soldering iron, and check out this instructable.

  3. Thanks for the link. I like your page. Espcially "Bicycbull"


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