Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Johnny's selected seeds coupon code 10%

only on harvesting tools: 9870,9722,9153,9157,9177,9786,9155,9154,9634,9635,9061,9301,9334,9213,9669
10-1007 is the code.

Got this flyer with my newly arrived Barley seed for my urban beer farm.
two row malting barley

This is not an endorsement that you can grow beer in your yard. I have had some success with wheat but have yet to try the barley. This question will be answered by next summer.

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  1. Good luck with barley, it can be a bit tricky to grow, it has a lot of disease issues, most specifically rust and other fungal fun. Should still be interesting to see how it turns out!


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