Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to cut wine bottles with a dremel tool

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1. MASK AND GOGGLES. Obviously there is danger of cutting yourself.
2. tape around a thin strip to cut.
3. place the bottle on a flat surface and rotate it while cutting through that strip. You will need a diamond glass cutting wheel for this. I did not find that lubrication was needed for this.

You do not need to cut all the way through. Once it is scored all the way around it will easily crack. As far as I can tell the diamond cutting discs for dremel or equivalent are the best wine bottle cutting tools.

As for how to smooth the glass edge there is some speculation about the best method in comment section. The best, though not cheapest method may be using a  Stained glass grinder.

Cutting wine bottles with acetone and string
Cut wine bottle hydroponics

If the diamond disc from above is still out of stock you could try these:


  1. After you cut the bottle with a dremel, how do you smooth it out? I want to make it smooth and polished looking to use as drinking glasses out of wine bottles.

  2. Blowtorch, lightly melt the top edge and make it smooth.

  3. As far as smoothing the cut edge, I read where you can smooth it with a wet piece of sandpaper.

  4. I have a glass grinder that I use to smooth out the edge of sheet glass that I cut for use in stained glass panels. The bit is covered in diamond chips and would be great to smooth the edge of a cut wine or beer bottle. You can get them used for less than $100, and are not at all dangerous,you can't hurt yourself on these grinders, you can touch the moving bit with your fingers, it only grinds glass. The bits are expensive but you get a lot of uses out of them if you use water to cool the bit as it grinds the glass. Try any stained glass supplier, like to get an idea of how it works and then look for a used one on Ebay. I've had mine for over 10 years, worth the investment if you do a lot of grinding.

  5. that makes alot of sense. I can't believe I had not thought of it as I have used those grinders before for stained glass. Thanks!

  6. I'm a little late on this post. Ran across it while doing some research. I'm trying to figure out a way to smooth the cut edge on my wine bottles. I like the idea of a stained glass grinder, but there's water involved and I'm wanting to keep the labels on the bottle for decorative purposes. I was curious if you've experimented with the grinder and what you had experienced.

  7. How do you break the bottle after you score it??
    I scored it with my dremel and I have a glass grinder I can use to smooth it out after but my problem is breaking it after the score! Help!

  8. You can break the score by running score line over a candle flame then plunging into ice water

  9. A few commenters have asked about smoothing the edge. There's a new kickstarter campaign to address that. Check out:
    That product allows you to spin the bottle around like its in a lathe so you can sand it easily.

  10. is it possible to etch designs and letters into the glass after you cut the glass?

  11. Silicon carbide powder. Sprinkle a little on a flat pane of glass and wet it. Work the rough edge of the glass against powder covered pane.. doing this in a shallow bin will reduce the mess.


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