Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peace love and little donuts (feed your inner homophobe)

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If you have not heard yet you may not wish to go to this place:

From his blog cache:
This crowd will not rest until Homosexuality is mainstream; until the Second Amendment is done away with; until abortion on demand is as common and accepted as going to the dentist; until sexual images and strip clubs line our streets and suburbs; until government education is started in the womb; until disagreement with their political party is "hate speech" and becomes a crime; until they pass the Fairness Doctrine and rid the county of Conservative talk radio; until they transfer our sovriegnty to the UN, etc. etc. etc.

All this from the owner of a store that claims to "feed you inner hippie." I think I would care less if it was less ironic.

Peace love and little donuts

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