Saturday, December 5, 2009

Acetone burnout of lost foam.

lost foam burnout with acetoneI have been looking for a way to make sure that i get a full burnout of my lost foam. I find the gas created in using the metal really makes it hard to get a perfect casting. It was suggested to me by this guy that i try using acetone.

Very happy with the result. I have not poured yet but I have a clean mold. This mold is another lost foam packaging peanut bull but with extra vents. I test all of the vents by putting a piece of paper in them and seeing if it gets wet. I have also determined the exact volume of metal needed by collecting the acetone that filled the mold. Another upgrade is the large mold in an existing bucket instead of simply burying a thinly coated bull in sand. Hopefully this will make a mold blowout impossible.
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