Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to carve a chain from a crayon.

All of my crayon sculptures
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6 crayons later I have a full chain made.
I start by scoring four parallel lines down the crayon. Then I make the crayon into a "+" shape by using the square corner of a little hobby saw. I then notch the shape of each of the links with the same saw. I run a pin along the outside of each of the links parallel to the side of the link. Finally i free the links by working the pin diagonally into the gap between them.

how to carve a chain from a crayon diagramClick here for big image of how to carve a crayon into a chain.
blurry proof it is mobile

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  1. this is awesome. thanks for giving a 15 year old art GCSE student and amazing project! :)


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