Friday, December 25, 2009

How to take a three dimensional (3-D) photo.

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Mikeisbored now in threedee.
This is by far the simplest method to take 3d photos and requires no special software. I will be writing up a more reliable method with a lazy Susan.... once I figure on e out. But for now if you have steady hands the short of it is:
-take one photo of an object carefully centering the image on one specific spot.
-move the camera 3" to the left or right and center on THE EXACT SAME SPOT. take another photo.
-photoshop the two photos together. Or just open both next to each other and use Grab(on a mac) or screen capture(on a PC)
-TO VIEW: sit 3' back from computer screen and cross your eyes until you line up the two images in the middle.

how to take a 3d photo

These photos taken with my great new Canon PowerShot SD780IS
This dude is the portrait i did in sculpture class of a friend of mine. sawdust glued on a frame of wire and paper.

This has a future as a Halloween costume but I am not sure exactly how yet.


  1. I don't think you explained anywhere how o view this in 3-D...

  2. oops you are correct. I had that on a different post i deleted.

  3. Will it still work if you swap the images?
    I ask because...
    In the mid 90's was a fad called 'magic eye' posters were made, books etc, it was all very 'cool'
    it uses the same principal you use, but it's easier to focus due to the repetition of the image pairs.

    My thoughts were: This might be better if the image was repeated.
    This developed into: his might be cooler, if the images repeated but changes subtly across the page.
    So you have a big page of images pairs, that shift subtly, so you can look on the page in different places, and see completely different views.

    The only problem with my idea as expressed above, is that every two image pairs, causes a third image pair which is around the wrong way for our eyes.
    Would this matter?
    it'd be cool to not only see your sculpture in 3D, but to be able to look at all 360 degrees of it.

    just my 2c. I hope it inspires you to do something i'm too lazy to try.


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