Wednesday, December 23, 2009

lost foam: Beware the green foam!

lost foam gorillaThis green foam is great to work with. It carves like sandstone and can be worked with your fingers. Sadly, the green foam does not burn out with molten metal.
(corrections does not burn out with molten zinc see comments)


  1. It does burn out but you need a higher temperature metal such as bronze to get it to cast right. You also need it to be above standard casting temperature for your metal and it can't be too big. Also, vents set all over the piece help gas release and the casting process.

  2. ah. that makes sense. it did melt a little and make this sticky stuff. I was working at a pretty low temp. Zinc. Though I think if i step my game up to bronze i will not be using this stuff. nice to work with other then the mess though.


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