Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frozen Sceptre TV how to fix. (how to restart)

1. turn off the tv (unplug if you have to)
2. hold down the S on the side of the TV.
3. While holding the S button press the power on button
4. when you see the menu screen release the s button.
5. hope for the best.

if you are in the window for a return DO IT NOW. it is a terrible TV. If not write these instructions down you will be using them alot as this tv has something wrong that makes it freeze all the time.


  1. I tried this and my tv is displaying a dim screen and won't play anything from my cable box or wii (it says program is blocked). Do you have any other suggestions? Unfortunately, I've already had my tv for over 2 years so its too late to return. Any advice would be appreciated since Sceptre isn't even open on the weekends so I can't call them! Ugh!

    1. Did you resolve this issue? I have sam problem now..

  2. Has anyone figured out why these tv's won't turn on?? I have to reset mine every time I try to turn it on now......

  3. theyre junk...all of em

  4. Blown capacitor could be one or more then one.look on the main power board

  5. I have 50 sound but no picture. I was given this as gift. I am disabled senior on low income. Does anybody know how to fix this??

  6. Thanks!!! Mine would turn on, then immediately power back off...this reboot solved it!! PS...I've had the tv five years and this was my first issue with it...

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  8. We purchased two 32 inch Sceptre tv''s in Nov 2013. They were on back order at Walmart and we didn't get them until January 2014. Two weeks ago the first tv lost video, the audio was still fine but no picture. This week the second one did the exact same thing. If this is an example of the quality of product this company offers I would urge everyone to steer clear of this company!!! We took the TV to the repair shop and the cost to fix the TV was more than it was worth. I am never purchasing from this company again and will recommend my friends, family and neighbors to avoid them at all cost. Carolina Dotson, Fuqua Varina, North Carolina.


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