Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hops shoots with garlic and oil recipe.

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I guess it is suggested you cut back to about 5 shoots per plant for best yield. The internet suggested that you can eat the hops shoots. So I did. Only the nice purple ones that had not spread leaves tasted any good the others were much too tough.

They can be prepared like you would asparagus. for me that means coated in olive oil with garlic salt and pepper. Then I broil on high until they start to change color.
What do they taste like? garlic olive oil and salt.
Is it safe to eat hops shoots? I plan on updating this blog later today or tomorrow. If there is another post the answer is yes.

Discussion on eating hops shoots on the grow hops list here


  1. Are they not as sticky when they're in this stage? I seem to remember hops being a very sticky plant...

  2. not yet. they don't get sticky till they get green. then they have lots of little spines.


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