Sunday, May 9, 2010

Growing two row barley for brewing

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Let me start with the anticipated questions:
Where can I buy Barley seed for growing beer?
Organic Two Row Malting Barley
Is a 5gallon bucket enough space to grow barley?
doesn't look like it.
Does this really work?
How do you malt the barely you grow?

Here is the barley that i started indoors under the led grow lamp now going to seed. The amount of seeds on the stalks are pretty comparable to if not less then the amount i planted in the bucket in the first place. This was grown in normal potting soil.

Planted another batch in a small test area in the back yard. mixed in about two inches of compost with the old soil. Hard to describe the seed density other then by showing this photo.

About 1 month later.


  1. Very nice. I'm really liking the LED grow lights. Too bad the 5 gallon bucket isn't really enough though.

  2. Hmmm, really interested to know how this is turning out. I began growing hops this year and have enough space (I think) for growing barley.

  3. Going pretty well but fairly low yeild. This first batch was eaten by birds though. Have two more spaces going.

  4. How did it work out? I am growing two-row winter malting barley at a garden level. Check out my blog at:

  5. This is an awesome idea for bored college students nationwide! Brewing your own beer is definitely a great way to fight boredom and you get a great (well hopefully) product at the end you can even sell to make a few extra bucks!


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