Sunday, May 2, 2010

stokes tower cleveland venus

share to facebook buttonAfter a trip to cleveland or "the cleve" (don't get attached lemon). Saw this giant bronze. Very jealous. Took a little while google imageing for "giant f-ing woman in cleveland" and related image searches (would recommend safe search on) to find out that this piece is called the Cleveland Venus, at lease according to wikipedia, and is a 37' bronze. I love the scale.. caught my eye from blocks away.

Makes me think I need to do something like this but in zinc, but smaller, and with arms... I guess I just like figure.

Also reminds me to recommend the sculptures of the Louvre episode on the The Venus de Milo for those of you with netflix's instant. The way the narrator pronounces louvre it might as well be an onomonopia for emesis. Language of love my ass.
cleveland venus giant bronze downtown cleveland
More importantly got to go on to watch the twins beat up the tribe.

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