Thursday, December 30, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes final strip ran 15 years ago.

bill watterson oil painting
Got the The Complete Calvin and Hobbes just a few days ago and noticed that it had been almost 15 years since the final strip ran! crazy. Today we hit exactly 15 years since the last strip ran on 12/31/1995. Nothing as been as good since as far as i can tell. I pretty much just read the one with the rat and the zebras anymore.
 The collection is great. Beautifully printed copies of every strip. Unlike the old printings each page is heavy paper and printed in glossy ink. Also included is a nice new introduction (though I wish it were longer) that includes this oil painting (right). Makes you want to see more of what Mr Watterson can do. Not sure when or if that will happen but here is hoping. I think I would put just behind the The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book that has a lot of good notes about the strips, and The Lazy Sunday Book book as the best Calvin and Hobbes purchases.

This might be super old news to some but I was just shown this terrible alternative reality final strip of Calvin and Hobbes.  Probably one of the more depressing things ever written. I can't believe someone felt the need to kill off Hobbes.

And one more thing. Here is my photo print of a painting done by a friend of mine of one of the best Calvin and Hobbes strips ever. Here is the link to his blog.


  1. Hello! I'm wandering through but thought you might appreciate a recommendation. Many fans of Calvin and Hobbes also enjoy a newer comic called Frazz, which is available for viewing online for free at

    Happy reading!

  2. There is a followup to the drugs one!!!!


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