Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rothko/threepixel minimalism inspired Zoidberg painting

Looking at and thinking about these:

Made me make this:
explaination of the sources
 On the left is #10 by Mark Rothko at the Seattle Art Museum, The middle one is a three pixel minimalist rendition of Dr. Zoidberg. more info on that here, the right side is the subject of the piece.

More posts about Zoidberg and Futurama.

Any thoughts on how to improve this? Change any colors? add eyes? cut down the detail? Tell me in the comment section.


  1. Hey Mike,

    This is not bad for your first Rothko. To make it more "Rothkoesque," you'll want to mix that oil paint with some turpentine to thin it out a bit and paint more like you're using watercolors than normal oils –– but don't thin it out to much. That will give you the subtle effects of light and color that make the real thing so dazzling. There's a Rothko at the Carnegie Museum that you should look at up close and personal.

    -- Robert

  2. I think you used too many pixels to really stay true to the original Zoidberg ideals. Anything beyond 7 is pretty much just photo-realism.

  3. Thanks dudes, I got some linseed and my oil paints are water soluble. Might try a thinner one. Maybe of fry. The one issue is that I would need to get some paint brushes so far mostly just using the knife. I love one at Carnegie. blue and yellow? Field trip!

    BTW saw that exhibit at the ntnl portrait gallery that all the fuss is about last week.

  4. this is shot not art


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