Monday, May 2, 2011

Best google searches that have brought people to mike is bored.

I think every blogger likes to see what searches end at their blog. I chuckle about one of these every once and a while but today I already have two good ones.
"sculptor whom makes thingys out of crayons"
"sexy body paint costumes"

Older but equally awesome:
Зойдберг has led people to my blog four times this is apparently some language for zoidberg.
venus of willendorf costume


  1. A Venus of Willendorf costume would be amazing. 9/10 people find my job searching for tips on growing weed. The rest find it because of a post on snow mold. I think you win.

  2. I googled Morbo (of Futurama)images and ta- dah, here I got into your wonderful puny eathling blog!


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