Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY COFFEE: Homegrown homeroasted... Single bean style.

Working to prepare for the apocalypse... which ever is currently in vogue. I think meteors currently. To that effect here is how I grew, roasted and brewed my own coffee. All be it on a small scale. Do you like small scale brewing? Check out my growing and brewing my own beer.

Coffee flowers on my Arabica plant. These are the first ones and the plant is now 7 years old.
The first coffee bean.... so pretty. Once it was somewhat soft to the touch I put it in a mesh bag (the kind fruit comes in) and left it hang in the LA sun for a few hot days.
This is what it looks like dried.
 I then peel the bean with my fingers.
The coffee beans then go into the Air Popper until they are a nice light roast.
 Grinding. Would be lost if I put it in the regular grinder.
Don't forget to pre-heat the morter and pessel. Yum!... sort of. Tasted a little bit like light coffee peanut butter.

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