Wednesday, January 15, 2014

dioscorea elephantipes in turtle shaped pot

dioscorea elephantipes in turtle pot. 
Thanks for the custom order pot Amelia. His name is Kurma. Check back in 30 years for an amazing shell. My other Dioscorea elephantipes that are in bigger pots are going crazy. They however are underground so I will post pics when they next die back.


  1. I love these guys. The "big" one I've got is growing like gangbusters this year. Do these seedlings die back every year or do they stay green for a year or two? I can't remember when you first started them

  2. the new seedlings have mostly all died back once since I planted them about 2 years ago. The newer ones that are a year old both elephantisis and mexicana have not yet.

    They don't seem to die back at the same time as each other. maybe the LA "seasons" and being some indoor and some outdoor confuses them. My biggest 2yo is almost the size of a baseball now

  3. Hey Mike! Do you have any recent pictures of this little guy? The turtle pot idea is awesome!



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