Monday, October 31, 2016

Kuchi Kopi Nightlight DIY Cast

kuchi kopi nightlight for sale
Until Kuchi Kopi nightlights are available for sale you might just have to cast your own in bees wax. though I guess you can get one that does not light up from Kidrobot.

Original positive in wax after being cut out of the mold. Sculpted by hand and then used to build mold. This time I used a 2 part food safe silicone mold. (Equinox 40 from smooth-cast)

 Heating bees wax mixed with @insert dye name@

Kuchi Kopi nightlight diy

Pouring in silicon mold

The bottom is carved out by hand and LED tealight was attached to the bottom after popping off the top of the tea light.

DIY kuchi Kopi nightlight
Kuchi Kopi light up night light with louise kidrobot figure
Stoked about the new bobs burgers kidrobot figures


  1. This is amazing. Any chance you sell them?

  2. I would love to but they take alot longer to make than they would be worth paying for.

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