Saturday, January 24, 2009

DIY: crayon sculpture carving

dr zoidberg crayon sculpure
All of my crayon sculptures
sculpture man carved out of a crayon
very Little green men and ship crayon carving sculpture

If you see the images of what people who are really good at this do the idea is intimidating but it is really not that hard to make some cruder forms.

You will need:
mechanical pencil OR a sharp pottery tool like this one

This is a fun project that takes nothing you do not already have in the house.
Just sharpen the pencil by rubbing it at an angle and go to town.

I like to work from the head down so that you do nothing after making the very delicate legs.
Next up a Crayola nativity scene.

cephlopod fans make sure to check out the giant squid crayon carving

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  1. You should post your glue gun men also.


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