Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spicy home made gingerale

I have a new recipe here

Mix 1tsp bakers yeast in warm water with sugar.
Let sit for 10min

Washed ginger root.
3/4c sugar.
1/3c lime juice.
1/2l Water


Strain the blended mix.

boil the mix briefly and allow to cool.

Add yeast to the blended mix and pour into a clean sanitized 1 liter IKEA Grolsch like bottle.

Let sit for 48h.

Open and drink.

This makes a spicy and not very sweet gingerale adjust the recipe to your own tastes. Adjusting the fruit juices can also be interesting. Post your adaptations in the comment section


  1. Gonna try this. Love the stuff and have tried making some before but it came out very weak and watery.

    Love your Blogs. You give me the impression of a bored scientist locked in his lab! :)

  2. Oh, you dont say how much ginger root to use(?)

  3. I used one big root from the grocery store. I never really measured them. usually ~4". depends how spicy you like it.

  4. "You give me the impression of a bored scientist locked in his lab! "

    I have at times posted from a lab while waiting on the centrifuge or a long incubation.

  5. BTW What is the measurement 'c' that is used for the sugar and lime juice?

  6. nice one, fellow brewer and tinkerer. did this one and another batch with lemon instead of lime and honey instead of sugar. it was good too.

  7. sounds good to me. how much honey did you need?

  8. Quite an interesting blog! So many things that I have been wanting to try! Thanks for sharing the boredom killers!

  9. bored teacher on breakMarch 13, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    looks great! Any possibility of killing myself or going blind?

  10. what kind of yeast did you use? i tried somehting similar once with bread yeast... not good

  11. I have done it both with dried bread yeast and with champagne yeast. I think it was a little better with the champagne yeast but not that much different.


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