Thursday, July 16, 2009

Man sculpture cast in a bottle attempt

cast man in a bottle figure sculpture
Well this did not quite work.
I attempted to pour a lost foam man in a bottle. The trick was to use flexible foam that is used to insulate pipes. The copper pipe is used as the pour spout and the investment in normal play sand. This is an attempt because I did not pull the pipe out quick enough and the head got stuck. Gonna keep working on this technique.

Here is my next attempt still in the foam.


  1. Hi

    I like the man in a bottle idea. I think you need to design a long thin man or a man with a hat so that you can pull the head up to remove the sprue - or have a constriction so that you can break it off.

  2. My thought was that I would do some sort of head... or hat where the round area would look ok.

    The other thought was to very carefully pour the exact right amount of metal. The challange with lost foam is you really need a good amount of pressure which typically comes from a resiviour of metal so this does not really work.

    Or build some crazy contraption at the end of the pipe that cuts the metal while still molten.

    I like the constriction idea so it could snap. might present some flow challenges but definitely worth a try.

    I have revisited this once since and not had good luck.


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