Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hydroponic lettuce 500ml square media bottle

Another in the long series of various hydroponic bottles. This is a 500ml square bottle (the kind cell culture media comes in). I cut it in half with a hack saw and flipped the top. This year I let the lettuce go to seed and started some new little plants to do hydroponically. There are a few now but I will split them up when bigger.
Better photo to follow when I find my camera charger.

Obviously don't do this with a bottle that held anything dangerous. My rule is if I would not drink it don't use for hydroponics.
Wine, soda, PBS(as this case), sterile water.... OK.
Acetone, paraformaldehyde, Blush wine..... NO.

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  2. Hello there! When did you transfer your lettuce seedlings to the bottle? I'm thinking about doing this too, but I'm curious about the germination part.

  3. I forgot to mention that. I started them in normal potting soil then rinse the dirt off before transfering them.

  4. How old before you transferred them to the bottle?


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