Tuesday, January 12, 2010

custom pet portrait of my dog, framing a greeting card.

share to facebook button I know you all like seeing photos of other peoples pets right? you are the internet and all. This piece of course fits well with the theme of Mike is Bored...now with more black and white

In any event here is a portrait of my dog. Done by my brother. He has done a bunch of these and sells them with printed greeting cards and the original piece. This is one of the greeting cards framed in a cheap IKEA pine frame with a piece of heavy paper cut for the mat I am not using the acrylic it came with. To get a better sense of the quality of the portrait (and to poor quality of the matting) click on the image to enlarge. This is a very cheap way to fill lot of space and all you need is a box cutter.

It is just a word of mouth business at this point but if any loyal (or otherwise) reader is interested email me at: mikeisboredatblogspot@gmail.com and I can get you a quote... I think.

My dog of course is most famous for being featured in: my dog sings Werewolves of London but dog likers might also be interested in skunk costume for my dog.

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