Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making a pot from newspaper using a wine bottle.

little newspaper recycled pot
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Get a sheet of newspaper and a wine bottle, the kind with the little space in the bottom. Fold a sheet of the pennysaver(or other half sheet of newspaper) in half the long way. Fit it halfway up the bottom of the wine bottle. Press the bottom of the paper into the grove in the bottom of the bottle firmly with your fingers. Remove and fill with dirt and seed. When ready to plant it can be left in the paper. Shown above with a pepper seedling.
You should not need to see this boring video to figure it out but just in case:

Show in this video are my seeds from last year. I saved them in a bank envelope which i think is a good way to reuse those envelopes with clear windows.

Credit where it is due i got this idea from this product.

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